The logo pattern is constructed with the “SKYWORTH” central letter “W”;the shield-shaped shape symbolizes quality and safety;the overall shape is like a button and plug representing electric energy


Backed by Skywell Group's 10-year new energy vehicle technology accumulation

Skyworth New Energy Automobile Group is one of the leading companies in the field of new energy automobile manufacturing in China. It has a full range of production qualifications for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. Its main business includes new energy passenger vehicles, large and medium-sized buses, light buses, logistics vehicles, and special purpose vehicles. R&D and production of core components for vehicles and new energy vehicles. In 2017, the production and sales of Skywell Group reached 10,633, and it officially entered the China New Energy Bus Million Club. In October 2018, Skywell Group was selected as a unicorn enterprise in Jiangsu Province and became a new unicorn. In 2019, the Group’s production and sales ranked first in the new energy commercial vehicle industry in Jiangsu Province and second in the country




The company was established in 1970.


 in Jordan under Reg.39073

became one of the first limestone suppliers

by providing a high quality of calcium carbonate supply

 endeavored to secure the domestic market

 and intend to expand into the Middle East and North Africa.